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Sunday, May 22, 2016


My name is Kyle R. Brady:  I'm a homeland security professional and security-oriented academic.  My primary interests are in terrorism/counter-terrorism, law enforcement, and placing American homeland security needs within a broader, international context.

This is my "about me" site, which links to my other accounts, sites, profiles, and properties across the rest of the internet.  If it's not linked to here, it's not real.

Beginning Fall 2016, I will be a postgraduate student at King's College London in the War in the Modern World program, studying terrorism and asymmetric warfare with the goal of a doctorate.  I also hold a Masters in Homeland Security from Pennsylvania State University, where I graduated with a 4.0 GPA.  Previously, I graduated with Departmental Honors from San Jose State University’s undergraduate Political Science program, where I focused on both international relations and political theory; from Mission College with an Associates in Computer Information Systems; and with a high school diploma from Loyola Blakefield.

I am actively publishing academic work in the fields and sub-fields of national and homeland security -- discoverable through the pages above, the mailing listmy Curriculum Vitae, and -- and have made all of my postgraduate, graduate, and undergraduate work available online through